Friday, August 10, 2012

A Few Delicious Moments to Share

Also this month I captured a few food delights.
After a fun girls trip to Destin, I brought back these gorgeous tuna steaks for Jay and I to cook. We coated them with black and regular sesame seeds and seared them perfectly to top a bed of fried brown rice and hot pepper asparagus.

I don't want to forget the interesting dinner combinations at Merchant's in Nashville:
I was there on Bastille Day so I ate the Steak Frites, but my friend ate the porch chop with pimento cheese grits. I thought the combo of pimento cheese and grits was excellent and definitely worth recreating at home.
I helped host a joint birthday celebration for two good friends and sadly didn't catch any of the items on camera. However, one of the hits of the evening was the Bellini bar:

Guests had the option of peach, mango, and blueberry puree.

And lastly, I wanted to remember this small miracle that tool place in my own backyard.
Since, most of my family has a deep history with tomato crops, I wanted to try my hand at it this year. Imagine my surprise when these delights tasted as fantastic as they looked!
Even if they did get a late start!
This summer I have definitely taken the easy way out for dinner prep and made several pizzas. Its easy to roast chicken breasts and slice them, cover with garlic and cheese and Jay is happy. For my side, sliced tomatoes, fresh basil and cheese.
A perfect summer treat:


Flowers and More Flowers

The month of July brought several opportunities to work with beautiful flowers. Probably one of the most beautiful varieties I have ever seen are these Wimbledon Roses!
I used them in several arrangements for a retirement breakfast for one of the AVP's in Auburn University's Development Office.

I also had the pleasure of adding to the wedding celebration for a family in Auburn.
The bride wanted purple tulips and callas for her bouquet and hydrangeas for the others.