Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Father's Caramel Cake

My entire life I have been served some very good food. Of course, I am biased in thinking that my family goes beyond the norm to create delicious meals, but for any of you who have had the pleasure, I do think you will agree. There is little comparison, however, in the fantastic desserts that have been served from the Stanfield, Price and Harris kitchens. The list is almost never ending for how many items I have enjoyed and  though my grandmothers are both in Heaven, I still delight in the treats they served me growing up. In the middle of June, I was stoked to find time for a quick beach trip to  to spend some time with some friends who I think of as family and meet my brother's girlfriend for the first time. Since this blog includes those times we celebrate, I thought it only appropriate that I write about this trip and celebrate my family's cooking heritage by showing off the slice of perfection that we enjoyed around the patio table over looking the beach. Hannah was delightful and cooked some of her own family recipes- which couldn't have been more darling, but also delicious! One of the items was called Luscious Berries with Custard Sauce ( need I say more).
My father turned his hint of jealousy of not being able to join us to good use and made us biscuits and cinnamon rolls for our breakfast and sent one of his fantastic caramel cakes, as seen below:
I have often eaten his layered caramel cake, but until now, I don't remember ever eating his cream cheese pound cake with caramel icing. It is not for the faint of heart- but at the first bite, you will NEVER forget how delicious the taste is! I love that my parents learned to appreciate cooking from their mothers/grandmothers and I am equally thankful that they instilled the love for food in my brother and me. Here's to many more good meals around a table with loved ones!

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  1. I don't think you should be allowed to post pictures like this without including recipes. I'm just sayin'...