Monday, January 25, 2010

Balsamic Reduction Sauce

To my delight, I came home from dance/choir to find Jay preparing a feast that I hate was not shared by all the very special people in our lives. I walked into the kitchen to find lamb chops coated with Thyme and Rosemary and the pan heating to sear them. Asparagus was prepped and ready to be cooked and potatoes were roasting in the oven. I adore lamb chops and mom has told me many stories about Grandmother preparing lamb when she was a little girl. Grandmother would make mint sauce to drizzle over it. I love serving lamb with a mint sauce too- probably the vinegar in it which also happens to be a family favorite. For the past few times we have served lamb, I have improvised and dissolved sugar in cider vinegar and added mint to steep in it while I prepare the other components of the meal.

Jay's colleague, Richard, is an avid cook and he has been talking about making Balsamic Reductions- for berries, pears, meats, and pretty much whatever else-you name it. To my surprise, Jay decided to make a balsamic reduction to top the lamp chops. He used the recipe from All Recipes ( and it was FANTASTIC. After eating it with the lamb, I also drizzled it over the potatoes. It really was so fabulous that I had to write about it so I wouldn't forget it. While we had no reason to celebrate- this is a perfect example of how an ordinary meal can be turned into something fabulous. We even ate at our kitchen table which we never do (we normally eat at the dining table because there is much more room). I am sure we will be replicating this meal soon- it was too delicious to keep to ourselves. The picture doesn't do it justice because I took it with my phone, but at least you get the idea.

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