Monday, January 25, 2010

Grilled Oysters

This fall, my husband and I took a trip to New Orleans to visit my brother. My family has a huge affection (or more correctly -addiction) to food, and Jon was ready to show us some of his favorite spots in the Crescent City. Our Friday night dinner was possibly the best meal I have ever eaten. We had reservations for dinner at Lilette ( If you are ever in New Orleans and need your fix for some of the best french food this side of the Atlantic, I would recommend you go there. There are few words that I have to describe the fullness of the flavors.

The second night, Jon hosted us and several of his friends in his home. We picked up a box of oysters from a fish market on Magazine and grilled them in his backyard. I hate that we don't have the opportunity to purchase fresh oysters in Auburn because they were delicious- maybe I can find a way around it. He sauteed minced garlic and shallots in butter and a smidge of olive oil and took half of the butter mixture and poured over the oysters in the shell as they cooked on the grill. Just before they came off the grill, he placed grated Parmesan on each oyster- I thought those were delicious but then he took the remaining portion of the butter mixture and melted a little Gorgonzola into it and poured that mixture over the remaining oysters on the grill. Just before serving the second round, he crumbled bacon on top. They were delightful.

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