Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy New Year

This year I have decided that instead of making resolutions, I will make a list of foods that I want to make-successfully- before the end of 2010.

First on the list, while not hard, is scones. My father is an excellent biscuit maker and while I have tried to make them, I have not mastered them- partially because I use a food processor instead of working the Crisco in by hand or with a pastry cutter. So, I was determined to do scones without a food processor. I searched several recipes and found that I would try one from Tyler Florence (

After sifting the dry ingredients, I dropped in the pieces of cold butter and incorporated them by hand. All went well until time to turn the dough out to roll. It was a little wet, so I added flour and then found it easy to roll out and cut into triangles. I brushed with half and half and sprinkled one pan with sugar. For the lemon glaze, I decided that I would omit the cream and the butter and just used lemon juice and powdered sugar. I was delighted to share with my parents who enjoyed them and Jay and I enjoyed them before church on Sunday. Equally enjoyable was the fact that I served the scones on my Spode breakfast plates.

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