Friday, February 1, 2013

Since my last post...

In Early September I hosted a baby shower for my sweet little niece (Baby W) who is Baby Girl No.2. I couldn't resist the opportunity to go the french inspired route. The styling turned our precious and the food for the brunch was delicious!

Since we had a good bit of family in town for Baby W's shower, I also helped host a couples bridal shower for my new SIL and BIL who were married in November.
I did the invites here- she used these colors in fantastic ways at her wedding, so I wanted to use them for the shower too.
Since I am talking about their wedding, the picture below- while very poor quality- should be documented. It was one of the best salads ever. I have since copied it in modified form for two Thanksgiving dinners and other throughout the Christmas holiday season.
The apple was cored out and used as a bowl. Pieces of apples were chopped and mixed with kale, slivered almonds and craisins and dressed with a vinaigrette. The cheese on top was something like a mozzarella.

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